Of Like Love

​As much as I love my nomadic life, there are some luxuries it simply does not afford me. Consistency is no longer an expectation, but in small doses, a welcomed sense of belonging. Waking each day to the embrace of a new dawn is invigorating, but sometimes, it’s familiarity that I crave. It’s like the stillness of a Sunday morning: Having that steaming cup of coffee and watching a sleepy sunrise rouse the resting grass. It’s in those moments of recalibration that life almost seems to make sense.  

This past week, I stumbled upon an opportunity to realign with my church community. Since regular attendance has proven nearly impossible, I’ve been forced to create alternatives. I typically get by on T.D. Jakes and worship music, but it’s a different sensation to be in the direct company of like minded people.
The music played Wednesday night during worship was foreign to me, but it didn’t matter. My heart swelled as I joined in with a chorus of believers as we poured our spirits out to God in song. It was a relief being surrounded by people who didn’t  make me feel like I had something to prove. 
There was a point in the service where we were instructed to make physical contact with the person next to us. I joined hands with the stranger to my left and placed my right hand on the back of a friend standing to my right. As one body, we continued our declaration in song. Together, we were stronger and our voices brimmed fierce with confidence. Carrying the hand of the woman next to me, I raised my arm toward the ceiling. In that moment, I felt her. This stranger, connected to me only by God’s grace for us both. I felt her worries, her faith, her fear, and joy. 

Knowing that this woman was running my same race and fighting a fight not unlike my own, made me want to be better. So that if I could run harder and exert a little more energy, maybe she wouldn’t  have to fight as hard. I left the service that night feeling whole and a part of something greater than myself.  All of my senses were revitalized and I felt complete.

I’m sharing this experience with you all because I want to stress the importance of having a foundation in a community that promotes the core of who you are. Diversity is what makes our world beautiful, but if we aren’t grounded, we may find ourselves trying to be something else. 

For example, myself: I want to be a writer. Therefore, I created a blog and joined a community of people with shared goals. I couldn’t very well strive to be a writer by taking up a ballet class. While ballet may be a beautiful expresssion of dance, there are limits to what it can offer an aspiring writer. You all have no idea how much your words and talent push me to be a better artist and go beyond my self imposed limits. 

But I get it, sometimes life gets in the way and we don’t have time to recharge. Despite the dwindling 24 hours, I implore you to intentionally make time to seek refuge in communities you find uplifting. We are a dependent people who rely on the love, support, and encouragement of one another to remain afloat.

Even with the insanity of this world, I refuse to relent in my belief that we were all created with love, in love, and for love. Regardless of religious, political, or social differences, the one thing that we all have at our core is love. 

If we can decide together, to find our way back to love, maybe we’d be more tolerant of one another. Maybe we would be less judgemental and more understanding. Who knows, maybe over time, we will learn to like one another. And I can only pray that one day, maybe we would all truly love each other.

If you’re feeling out of whack or off balance, consider the last time you interacted with a community you feel support by. Maybe you’re due for a checkup. Also keep in mind, those of us who may not have a grounding community. Let’s extend our arms and invite each other in. 

2 thoughts on “Of Like Love

  1. “Diversity is what makes our world beautiful, but if we aren’t grounded, we may find ourselves trying to be something else.”

    This is a great point. Thank you for reminding me!

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