A Selah

​A moment of homage for humanity. A pause to acknowledge the pain. Silence to pray for this nation. A recess from everything we feel we need to say.
No different than anyone else, my heart is aching for my country. Our cries compose the perpetuated tragedy of America’s song. Afraid of the silence, we’re  all looking for the right thing to say. Words everywhere, are filling the space where compassion should be. 

I am not without opinion on the two shootings that took place over the last couple of days, but there’s something greater than my opinion at work.  Tonight as I wrapped up my discussions on the incidents with my family, I heard God whisper the word Selah into my spirit. 

So I did. I stopped, reflected, and really allowed myself to comprehend the state of our world and nation. In that moment of silence, I pushed everything aside: the controversy, the opinions, the politics and all the formalities that come along with these situations. 

This world needs God, but we look for answers everywhere else, except in him.
I wanted this post to be eloquent. I wanted so badly to say the right things. But the time has passed for the luxuries of merely words. Now is the time for us (individually and as a community) to return to the basic instincts of humanity: love, compassion, and soul. 

Let us take a selah for these families and communities. 

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