What Stays and What Goes?

In the midst of the urgent call to stay put, I’m moving— literally. Shoes, folded curtains, and notebooks lay strewn about my apartment floor awaiting their temporary cardboard homes. Although exhausting and chaotic, relocating brings about a freedom rarely found in the comfort of familiarity. It’s a fresh start that paves the way for me to decide what stays and what goes.

With packing, comes purging.

Tonight was movie night. I eighty-sixed the popcorn—in my case, kettle corn—and cozy blanket and grabbed a cute cuddly brown box instead. I pulled in a deep breath as I plopped down in front of my t.v. stand. Faux fireplace ablaze, I popped open the entertainment door and grabbed the first handful of DVD’s, of which only a few made it into the box. I didn’t linger on the titles that were placed into the toss pile for fear that I’d lose my nerve to really throw them away. Both my favorite movie and show found themselves among the discards and to be honest, I was pretty sad about it.

As I scanned the covers of my newly departed, a question was breathed into my spirit: Are these movies worth separation from me?

I firmly placed the remainder of the gotta go DVD’s into the pile in which they belonged. I couldn’t trade intimacy with God for a few carnal laughs and a fight in the back of a limousine. Every single day, I pray for God to purge my heart of everything that separates me from Him, and almost everyday, I feel like I’m being told to let go of something else. My eyes are welling as I write this because sometimes, I feel like I’m losing myself to God. With His righteousness living on the inside of me, at times I’m barely recognizable to myself. And on the brink of 30, having to choose a new favorite movie has me a little unglued.

Though I sometimes feel lost, I know that I am never more found than when I am lost in the savior’s love. This move isn’t just about a physical relocation, God is calling me to a deeper level in Him. But there are things I’m holding onto currently that will have no place in this next phase. So just as I am getting rid of all the items in my home that don’t serve a purpose to the person I am in Christ, God is ridding me of carnal ways that don’t serve a purpose in His kingdom.

Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.

Luke 17:33

15 thoughts on “What Stays and What Goes?

  1. You are not alone! My wife and I moved at the end of March, during the “shelter-in-place” orders and it was SO very stressful. Praise God for using all these weird moments to refine us. He is faithful.

  2. Suck a great and timely post. Pastor Vana preach a few Sunday’s ago about this quarantine being our transition phase. The transition phase is hard, but the reward of the aftermath makes it oh so worth it. All the greats had transitional phases: Joseph, David, Ruth, and evening the Israelites. She gave an example of a caterpillar and how it’s transitional phase is the cocoon. It’s small, dark and secluded from everything else in the world, but look at the end result. We are going to come out of this quarantine beautiful butterflies.

    • I’m definitely in the cocoon stage!! But it’s so true. The caterpillar is in a small, dark, and secluded place,very similar to our current reality. And I really do believe it we allow God total access to our hearts during this time, we will come out stronger and confident in our faith in Christ. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Love you.

  3. Great Post! What a pleasant analogy. I have always been the kind of person who believed that if you have a cluttered life—you have no room for the LORD or His many blessings. I would really be honored if you would do a guest post for me. Blessings and peace. Claudia.

    • Thank you for reading!
      What you said is so true about having a cluttered life! It leaves no room for God! In my case, I am pretty minimal when it comes to things. But even still, it’s important to know what, if any, place those things serve in light of eternity and my walk and relationship with God. 🙂

  4. This was a GREAT read and Definitely a really great analogy. Two lines that stuck with me…. “Every single day, I pray for God to purge my heart of everything that separates me from Him, and almost everyday, I feel like I’m being told to let go of something else.” And also “Though I sometimes feel lost, I know that I am never more found than when I am lost in the savior’s love”

    Definitely going in my notes! I think that’s the most scariest part of truly giving yourself to the lord. In the process of giving him your all, you feel like you’re losing yourself. Although he’s ridding you of every thing toxic and creating a better version of yourself in him, it’s scary. Well, maybe for me. There’s beauty in having such a filling relationship with God. Most times I miss it. In the mist of feeling unsure, unappreciated, overall just lost, you find solace in the love God has given you so effortlessly. Just makes you think… Definitely a great read… something to think about!

    • Trust me friend, it’s not just you—it’s scary for all Christians! That’s where faith and trust in God come in. When I think of standing before God, I can’t fathom missing eternity for any earthly pleasure. As complicated as it all seems, it really comes down to one decision: faith or fear.

    • “God watches what we watch,” really gives a great visual and I think it makes it easier to know whether or not we should be watching or listening to something.

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