You’re Beautiful

People react to being called beautiful.

My message today may seem a bit redundant, but because I’ve witnessed the positive change it encourages, I believe it to be worthy of endless reiteration.

A compliment.

It truly can make all the difference in someone’s life. We live in a world that interminably preaches the importance of self love: pick yourself up if no one else will. Be your own hero. Love yourself. That all sounds wonderful and empowering, only it’s not that simple. The same society promoting the indulgence of self love is the exact one telling us we need to change everything about ourselves in order to be accepted.

Love, it’s definition, and who it belongs to has become a convoluted misunderstanding.

As a big a mess as we’ve made, we can still turn it around. And remarkably, it starts by taking baby steps. Progress as small as paying someone a compliment.


Despite what popular culture may try to make us believe, we do need one another. If we didn’t, we would’ve each been given our own world to live in, void of any other human contact. But we live in this world together and therefore are here to uplift, encourage, support, and love one another. That doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything, it just means developing the ability to love past our differences.




12 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful

    • Andrea, thank you for pointing that out!! People don’t realize how gratifying it is to give back! When we give compliments or help others, it like we’re restoring a piece of ourselves!
      Thank you so much for your words words!

  1. I enjoyed that video, the girl at 1:40 is so cute when annoyed, you can tell she’s making an effort not to smile.

    A kind gesture goes a far way, sometimes it only takes a second to say something positive that will brighten up someone’s day. Sometimes we never know what a person is going through and how our words of encouragement help them.

    • How right you are! We never know the impact of a kind word and a gentle spirit! Sometimes that’s all people need to pick themselves up.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

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