Song of the week, “6’2”, by Marie Miller


Listen here!

Today’s song is for my single ladies! I’m in the same boat and I know the dating world can seem hopeless, but keep the faith! 

Don’t be afraid to ask God for what you want in a partner. Contrary to what some may think, it’s okay to be a little picky. We serve the same God who created the entire universe, surely he can throw in a few perks. Whether you want your husband to be six foot two or have blue eyes, make your requests known to God through prayer. In His timing, the perfect partner awaits you. Be willing to exercise a little patience and a lot of trust because what’s in store is so much more than you imagine. Your endurance will be rewarded.

I remember wanting so badly to be married. It seems so silly now. I mean, I still want to get married but I’m okay with waiting. I used to be the girl who always talked about what she wanted in a partner. These days, I’m more focused on what I have to offer someone. I can’t wait to serve my husband. I know all the feminists are probably passing out from that confession, but that’s really who I’ve become.

As my relationship with God deepens, I find myself becoming more selfless than I’ve ever been. I’ve always been giving, (I get it from my mommy) but there’s an unexplainable joy in doing for others. 

So again ladies, keep the faith. Don’t give up. God has someone for you who will be well worth the wait. For now, continue to focus on your relationship with him. The more we love God, the more we learn to love like God. 


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