The importance of a plan

It seems obvious that we should plan our lives out, right?

Of course it does, but common sense isn’t so common.

Like many, I have all these (self-proclaimed) great ideas floating around in my head. I tell myself I’ll get around to it and rarely do these ideas come to fruition. Everything else seems to get in the way or appear more important than my creative goals.

I came across this little note on my Pinterest and for whatever reason, it stuck out. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t tried planning my life, it just never seems to work out. Knowing that almost thirty awaits me at the end of this month, I’m ready to give it another try.  I need to set clear goals for my day and if that means having countless alarm clocks to force me to acknowledge my plans, so be it.

Late last year I told my friends that all major life events were being placed on pause for the year of 2017. Now here it is May, one friend has had a wedding and another is now seven months pregnant. I give up. I know it was silly to even suggest in the first place- and selfish- but everything just felt so overwhelming.

What I know and have known for some time, is that life doesn’t stop for anyone.

Ergo, we must plan around it.

Big goals are scary, but daily goals that move the bigger objectives forward are (or should be) manageable.

Until Wednesday,

Celestial Nicole


10 thoughts on “The importance of a plan

  1. Ohhh this is SO True! I find when I write my plans down, they are much more likely to come to fruition then when I don’t. However, I even often procrastinate the writing down of my plans… LOL! Great post! 🙂

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