10,000 Times



-Bruce Lee


Hello friends, here we are again! I hope the weekend treated you all well!

Since I’ve become a Flight Attendant, it seems like today is always chasing tomorrow and yesterday is fighting to become today. To me, Saturday and Monday feel the same, which is a good thing. God knows I don’t miss the days of waiting for the weekend to feel alive. 

Any who, I was listening to a T.D. Jakes sermon the other day where he spoke about dangers of comparing ourselves to others because we each are blessed with our own gifts. One of the points he made was that many times, we don’t commit to a purpose long enough to see if it’s actually meant for us. Instead of giving ourselves time to blossom in a particular area, when the going gets tough, we get going. Did I say that right? 

Impatience is one of my biggest flaws. If I start something new and it doesn’t instantly work out, I can become easily discouraged. I’m working on that. Like now, I’m trying to do twenty million things at once: keep up with this blog, learn Spanish, read the entire Bible, write music, learn how to invest, pay off my debt, and work, work, work.

Just know that this sentence was extremely close to being a Rihanna, “Work” gif.

Anyway, as a result of spreading myself too thin, none of the aforementioned areas of my life receive my undivided attention. I clearly would not have been on Bruce Lee’s list of people to fear. However, if I were to choose one area of my life to pour myself fully into, I would no doubt, master it.

I’d rather be outstanding in one thing, than mediocre at everything, but as is with life, these things are always easier said than done. I say things too much. Yet another thing to work on. The idea of committing myself to only one project makes me want to load my figurative gun. But how dare we demand results knowing that we haven’t put in as much as we expect out. Before we so readily give up and profess inadequacy, we have to give ourselves time. 

Pick something you like, love, or think is interesting and do it 10,000 times before you decide to flunk yourself out. We may surprise ourselves with how much we can improve with time, dedication, and room to grow beyond our self-imposed limits!

Happy Monday,



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