Something More


jesus_Teddy-256x256What if there was something more?

Something beyond our deepest aspirations that awaits us?

There is.

The only impediment to God’s blessing for our lives is our lack of willingness to let go of the empty things we’ve hidden our contentment in. There’s a fine line between being satisfied and being too comfortable to grow into something greater. While we should, of course, show gratitude for every undeserving breath we take, we must also remember that we don’t serve a God of stagnance. Our God makes masterpieces from dust, transforms darkness to light and created the entire universe. Why then, do we insist on living out our existence in man made complacency?


Today, I’m making a simple request of us all- let go. He has something better, but we must trust Him. God did not create us for normalcy. We are not normal and should whole hardheartedly reject any ideas of mediocrity in our lives.




God is waiting for us to release the areas of our lives that have served their purpose, but we can’t receive what He has for us next if our hands are filled with useless stuff. He wants to ready us for the next great production of our lives, but it requires us trusting Him to provide us with a new set, scenery, and props to advance us into the life He designed for us.


What are you letting go of?



Catch ya on Wednesday,






2 thoughts on “Something More

  1. Oh wow, Celestial, I LOVE this post!!! This picture is cute, amazing, and TRUE!! I just feel it. God has things in store for us that we don’t even know of, and we just have to open ourselves up. I like your idea of letting “stuff” go – the “empty” things that cause us no REAL fulfillment. Material things give fleeting satisfaction. Experiences, traveling, spending time with loved ones is important, fulfilling your purpose, and opening yourself up to God’s real gifts! Thanks for the reminder that I certainly have things to let go. A saying I know, Let Go and Let God.

    • I couldn’t agree more Celestial! There are areas in our lives that have much more value than the things we sometimes choose to turn to for a quick fix. Relationships and different experiences may be harder work, but their results are long lasting and truly fulfilling! Thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚

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