Happy Monday guys! I know, it’s not exactly the day we want to put an exclamation mark behind, but it’s here either way, so why not?

How was everyone’s weekend? Did anyone get into any shenanigans or have a cool experience? Do share in the comment section!

I had already made up my mind about what I wanted to share with you all today, but as life would have it, plans changed.

This morning I woke up to a text from one of my besties, who by the way is the worst texter (is that a word?) ever.


After watching it and then discussing it briefly with Ash, I decided I would pass the video along to you all. Click here to watch it, then I’d love for you to come back and share your thoughts!

I’m proceeding under the assumption that you’ve viewed the video…

Even though many of us know better, we still spend our lives trying to be good people thinking it will seal our place in eternity with God. It won’t. We are not inherently good. In fact, we are naturally bad (if you will) and whatever good is in us is a result of our relationship with God.

Yet, we are all predestined with a purpose that is good. In order to affirm that purpose, it’s imperative that we question our motives in life:

Why are you a doctor? Why did you get married? Why do you stay at your job? Why did you go to school? Why did you have children?

All the things we amount to success on this Earth mean nothing to God if it’s not a part of His purpose for our lives.


I’m not gonna lie, the intensity of this video scared me a bit. It’s nerve wracking to think that what we’re doing, working so hard toward, could potentially amount to nothing. It makes me insist that I take an honest dive into the question:

Why am I here?

I don’t want to be here if I’m not impacting this world in the way God intended. I don’t want to live a comfortable life. I don’t want to simply exist seeking social approval from a world who is lost. I want to live for God in every way imaginable!

It’s okay to be on the wrong track sometimes. God already knows the mistakes we will make on our journey and has long made provisions for them. However, we have to be willing to be obedient to His instruction and calling on our lives.

I know that there are some areas in my life that God has been tugging at and I’ve been pulling away. I’m so focused on one particular aspect of my life right now that I’ve left little room for God to interject.

The best chance we have at life is walking in the plan God wove together specifically for each of us. I don’t know about you guys, but I want to live the life of the masterpiece that is me!

That being said, I will be purchasing John Bevere’s book, “Driven by Eternity: Make Your Life Count Today & Forever”


I would love to read this book with you all if you’re available! I love growing from your thoughts and insights on life and I think it’d be exciting to discover this book with such diverse and beautiful minds! If you’re interested in reading it together, let me know and we can make plans!

Tood-a-loo till Wednesday,







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