Song of the Week: “Just Do You,” by India Arie



Another Friday, another great song!

Everything about this track makes me feel good: the light and uptempo beat, the cray cray motivational lyrics, and of course, India Arie’s stellar voice! They all contribute to this -dance around in your undies confidently- insouciant tune!

Randomly enough, I discovered it one day on a quick trip to the drugstore! The inspiration was instant and I ran back to my hotel room to download it! No lie, I listened to it on repeat for about a month straight before letting up!

It just sparked a fire in me, made me feel like I could do anything in this entire world! Everytime it plays on my phone, I get so excited and have to repeat it, at least once! For the three to four minutes that this song plays, I abandon the idea of ever giving up on anything I want to achieve.

Some days, all we need is a little push. Hopefully, this song will inspire some creativity and productivity in your weekend!

See ya Monday,



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