Hearts, Pins, and Likes

I have a horrible habit of saving things for later. The problem is, I never seem to get around to later. For example, Pinterest, one of my favorite websites: I literally have thousands of pins saved for things I want to do and places I want to go. And while I obviously can’t go everywhere all at once, trying to find a cool place to visit on my travel board sometimes gives me a headache. It’s too much.

When we let things pile up for too long, they get lost and we forget about their importance. Even here, on WordPress, there are so many posts I like with the intention of going back to comment and interact on, but as the days pass and new posts file in, the old ones sort of get lost in time.

If we go about trying to bookmark life, we’ll never get around to actually living it. As we well know, tomorrow holds no promises. We have to learn to live in the now. Of course we all have responsibilities that don’t afford us the luxury of being able to go on spontaneous vacations. But, we can plan to do those spontaneous activities. Which, I know is an oxymoron, but hear me out.

Saying we want to do something or liking a pretty destination on Pinterest is a lot different than putting a plan into motion to actually do it. I think that’s the key, deciding how badly we want it. So maybe you can’t afford that European Cruise this year, but you can commit to setting aside money every month to go next year. We must commit ourselves to the things we want to achieve!

It makes me sad when I hear people say, ‘I wish I could’ do this or go there. We spend entirely too much time wishing and dreaming, when we could be doing and seeing. Yes, there will be obstacles, but so what?! To someone who is determined, the purpose of an obstacle is to be conquered.
Truly and most sincerely, the only thing standing in the way of our happiness is ourselves.

Happy tough love Monday:)

Looking forward to catching up with you all on Wednesday!


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