Song of the Week: “Love You Forever,” by Bri Babineaux


🎤🎶I will love you forever, love you forever, love you forever. Even if it never gets better, it never gets better🎶🎤

This song gives me straight up chills every single time I listen to it. It’s my heart’s ultimate prayer! Bri Babineaux’s debut album is absolutely fantastic anyway, so I do encourage purchasing it in its entirety! But this song in particular, is so special to me. 

This lyrics paint a picture of the way I want to love God. Not for what He can do for me or because He is powerful. No, I want to be in love with Him for who He is and how beautiful His spirit is. I want to love Him with no strings attached. 

Because that’s how He loves me. It’s not based on the good I do in His name or how obedient I am. He loves me exactly as I am and because of that I am able to work toward becoming who He designed me to be without fear of losing His love. 

Happy Friday guys! Have a good weekend! 


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