Heart of a Servant

Well, the weekend is over and it’s time to resume the grind. Happy Monday beautiful people! 
As we go about our week, I want to make a suggestion: On purpose, let’s try to go out of our way for one another. 

Buy a stranger coffee, look the homeless man in the eyes and smile when you give him those few dollars, compliment your spouse, or help your neighbor carry their groceries up those three flights of stairs. 

This week, let’s really take time out and pause our own lives to look for opportunities to help further others. 

Why would we do that? 

Because service is the beginning of the resolution to so many of our problems. In fact, we were created to serve. It’s only a result of the fall of  man that we have become completely self absorbed. 

Think about the beginning of creation. God gave Adam and Eve everything they needed and then some. He gave them dominion over all the creatures of the Earth and as a traveler, I can only imagine how breathtaking the Garden of Eden must’ve been! It was only when Adam and Eve entertained the notion of acquiring the same knowledge as God, that our problems began. And all these thousands of years later, we as a human race still struggle with the need to know and understand it all. 

But look at Jesus’ life while He was here on Earth- it was filled with service to others. 

    Jesus’ ultimate act of service was His sacrifice. He died a brutal death to provide us the opportunity to spend all of eternity with Him. Even now, as we continue to break His heart with our sinful nature, His grace, love, and mercy remain unending. 

    Maybe it’s time we heed the examples of Jesus’ life and become more willing to sacrifice our time, money, pride, comfort, possessions, and our overall wants. Imagine if the world actually operated in this mentality. How different a place it’d be. 

    Change doesn’t have to start with a group of people, it only takes one. That one is you and it’s me.

    God has been weighing heavily on my heart the importance of serving others. I too, am totally guilty in being overly concerned with my comfort and needs. All of the sermons and devotionals I’ve been absorbing this past week have pressed heavily on the responsibility of serving others. I’ve really been praying and reaching out to God for Him to show me how and where I can get more involved in service to others. I work so much that it’s going to be hard to find the time to volunteer at a shelter or anywhere else. But maybe that’s the point… maybe my first act of service is having the willingness to sacrifice my time. 

    What are some acts of service you all have done lately? 

    Can’t wait to catch up with you guys on Wednesday! 




    17 thoughts on “Heart of a Servant

    1. Thank you for sharing the thought that the heart of the Saviour was to serve others. And also for reminding me to always keep this in mind, to approach life with the attitude of a servant. Blessings

      • You’re welcome. I was reminding myself too. It’s too easy to get caught up in ourselves. That’s why it’s good to self evaluate regularly.

        Thanks so much for stopping by:)

    2. Well I think even writing a blog (like your own) to encourage others to be their best selves can be way of serving God. Serving God can come in ANY form: cheering up a co-work, mentoring a young child, giving a smile to someone, texting a friend”hello!”, putting up motivational quotes on your twitter or instagram account,the job you’re at… what matters is that your heart is in it and your intentions are true THAT’S what matters. And THAT’S where God IS. But sometimes, even when I don’t know how to serve God, I will pray for Him to help me of service to Him and I usually get it. So, praying to God as how you can serve Him can be a great start as well!

    3. I am grateful for God in your life, he has opened your eyes to see that you are not in this world because of yourself alone, because that is what some people don’t understand, Yes it is only natural to always want to take care of yourself but there is need for the human mind to conquer-er the desires of the flesh in certain point in our-lives, Christ has demonstrated that Love and the act of sharing is the best robe of virtue anyone can put. Jesus demonstrated this by giving up his life for us, We must come to terms with the fact that there are lives connected to ours nobody comes across your-life by coincidence you either subtract from them or add to them.

    4. Thank you for sharing this! Recently I have talked with some friends about how it is so easy to show grace to those in the church, but be quick to judge those that are not. BUT, looking to truth and the life of Christ, we are called to treat the outsider like they are basically “captivated” or in POW uniforms. When they encounter us, we have an opportunity to bring the truth into their lives, even just by our actions. And as John 8.32 says “the truth will set you free”. That lifestyle starts by spending time with the Lord daily and asking HIM to transform you to be more like Christ. Check out this 30 day devotional. It’s a great way to grow deeper and more intimate with Christ! https://www.createspace.com/6070917

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