Song of the Week: “I Am,” by JoJo


First of all, please tell me you guys remember who Jojo is?! Don’t fail me 90’s babies!  Anyway, she’s back! Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy her album due to some of the content, but I bought this song! I’ve always been in love with Jojo’s soulful voice and it is even more piercing in this song of affirmation! 

I chose, “I Am,” for this week because I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed the past few days. Not by anything in particular, but just by being here in this world. 

As I was spending time with God this morning, I came across some devotional plans and scriptures that reminded me to remember who God is during my times of distress and who has said that I am through receiving His salvation. 

This song speaks to that same theme. When we feel worthless, unloved, or like a disappointment, we need to consult scripture on who God says we are. 

Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.

Also, listen to the live acoustic version of, “I Am,” here! I love it more than the actual record!

Happy Friday! 


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