Barefoot Faith 

God has blessed me immensely and everything I have is a direct result of my dependence on Him. During the most unexpected moments, He shows up and does the impossible. Yet, His perfect timing still seems to surprise me. 


Like a bad aftertaste, doubt trails my confidence. It lurks in the shadows of my prayers and mocks my effort to abolish it. Even though I know God is in control, my emotions have a tricky way of slithering through the crevices of my faith. 

A breach in faith is an opportunity for deception. The devil is always on the prowl, waiting for us to trip up, reliant on the second we lose sight. The realist in me is not suggesting that we can have complete and unwavering faith in God- but the childlike hope in me is. 

As children, remember how we took everything our parents said exactly for what it was. Despite how insanely ridiculous it may have been, if they said it, we believed it. God wants the same thing; He wants us to become blind to circumstances and focus solely on His promises. 

Think about Peter’s experience. By having faith in God, Peter was literally able to do the impossible. However, recall the mistake that nearly claimed his life. 

“But when he saw the wind, he was afraid…”

As we do, Peter took his eyes off of God. He became aware of the chaos surrounding him and in that moment, became victim to his circumstance. 
By keeping ourselves in God’s presence and maintaining a childlike faith toward Him, we can avoid the repetition of Peter’s mistake.

The key is in knowing God’s promises to us. Understanding His will for our lives and walking in that knowledge.
Struggles are often lessons of faith in disguise that give God the opportunity to display his faithfulness. 

2 thoughts on “Barefoot Faith 

  1. I also find solace in the thought that struggles are God’s way of bringing the good news to things of spirit. Remember the words to Cain: “Sin crouches at your door. It wants to have you, but you must master it.” To doubt is to let sin into us; in returning to faith, we heal its doubt, and return to God a lost spirit.

  2. Another powerful work celest , you are right the devil fights so much and uses Fear has a weapon once he inflicts anyone with fear the person begins to see the negative , Faith moves God , Fear attracts the devil , I know sometimes logic gives us substantial reasons not to belive God but we must always trust in him in the scripture it is Said “be still and know that I am God..” so we must be it is a requirement , CELEST GOOD WORK , LET THEM KNOW “FEAR WILL HEAR THE SHOUT OF GOLIATH , FAITH WILL HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD” God shows himself strong when the situation looks entirely hopeless , everyone invest wisely Divine investment of faith in God.. God bless you all

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