Karaoke with God 


A long stretch of road, the wind combing through your hair, and your favorite song blasting. Some days, life doesn’t get any more liberating than this. And even though that stretch of road may be just an ordinary trip to your local grocery store, a song on the radio can make all the difference. Seriously, if a song I love comes on in the car, my drive becomes an entirely new experience. On a regular basis, I drive past my destination just to finish jamming out!

As I was driving down I-75 the other day- bopping and singing along- it suddenly occurred to me: I wasn’t worrying. And I wondered why?

Is it the exhilaration we feel by the ability to bottle three to four minutes of complete freedom inside ourselves through belting out a glorious (or very silly) tune?

Maybe. But maybe it’s more than that…

The songs we love most are the ones we’ve listened to hundreds of times and connect with most. By knowing a song with such intimacy, we create a level of dependency on it. When we’re singing along to Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You,” we know that even if we make a mistake, she won’t. The song was released in 1992 and every time we listen to it, it will be as flawless as the day it was recorded. And even if we forget a run or adlib, it doesn’t mean the experience has to be any less fulfilling. 

The hard part is over with! All the fine details that go into making a work of music are sorted out in a studio before we ever know the song exists. There, they have the resources to accommodate any imperfections, so that when it is presented to an audience, it is flawless. Our only job as listeners and receivers of music is to enjoy its ability to transport us to worlds unknown.

God created each of our lives as a sacred and cherished song of His love for us, thereby making Him the ultimate musical genius. If we dedicate ourselves to putting in the work to learn the melodies of God’s heart, we will find ourselves liberated from the burdens of our worries. And in doing so, we will learn to sing the tune that God has for us- the plan and purpose He has for our lives. It’s like a conductor and his orchestra: the members of the orchestra are equipped with the instruments, and the conductor provides direction on how to best maximize the use of those instruments. Each individual player in the orchestra is focusing only on his/her instrument and role, while it is the conductor’s duty to oversee and act to the benefit of the ensemble as a whole.

Likewise, God sees our lives as a whole and knows them from beginning to end. Before we were ever conceived, He created a plan and a purpose for each of us. If we truly learn to rest in that knowledge, it will become that much easier to harmonize our lives to the melodies God has created for them.

Jeremiah chapter 1

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that we write God’s word on our hearts. Life is hard, and sometimes it gets tough to remain hopeful when the world around us seems so hopeless. But if we cling to God’s song and study His word, we will remain firm in its power. When we’re singing our favorite song, our confidence is in knowing that the song is already complete and perfect as it is, so that if we make a mistake, the song is unaffected by it.

The same goes for God- His purpose for our lives is not limited to the circumstances we face now. If we would stop trying to be the producer, writer, singer, and conductor of our songs, we’d see many of our problems resolved. Believe it or not, we do have a role to play in our lives, and it is not that of producer or conductor. It is our job to be believers and trust that the God we put our faith in is in complete control. We must know, with no lack of certainty that God’s plan for us cannot be destroyed by anyone other than ourselves.

So, go ahead, sing your heart out. Let the windows down in your life, let the warm breeze fill your space, and scream God’s song at the top of your lungs, because in all the hurt, pain, and disarray of this fallen world, there’s no sound more beautiful.

Also, check out Lecrae’s song, “Background.” It’s a great complement to this post. 


9 thoughts on “Karaoke with God 

  1. Great 👍 I loved every bit of your words and they were so inspiring and so true some days we simply forget and enjoy ourselves on the same old songs that we like in the car or anywhere and god is bliss and knows all of us. This is his game and we r all in him. Holding on to him with faith and love is the most important thing for us. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    • Thank you so much for your interaction! I appreciate it beyond words! I totally agree, it’s so easy to forget how blessed we are and that God has the greatest plan for our lives of we would just give Him that control. I’m glad you were inspired by this post and I look forward to further interaction! 🙂

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