Have you ever found yourself suddenly attached to something, then- without the slightest notion- lost that connection?

Not too long ago, I lost my will power to a craving of olives. They were all I wanted, all the time. Then, about two months later- on a day not unlike any other- the fixation was over. 

Like the last grains of sand funneling to the bottom of an hourglass, its time was up. 

We are often left feeling sad, disappointed, sometimes bitter when relationships or circumstances don’t pan out the way we expect them to. But what I realized following my affair with this delectable, salty fruit, was that, for everything, there is a season.

Are we saddened by the transformation of the lush Summer leaves, into the vibrant orange hues of Fall? And are the Spring blossoms any less beautiful because of their absence from the Summer soil?

As unfortunate as it may seem at times, not everything is meant to last forever. 

Just as the Earth takes on different seasons, so must our lives experience change. Some people enter our lives to stay and some are simply passing through. Where we are in our lives right now is not where God intends us to stay. 

If we remain when God says go or leave when He says stay, we only rob ourselves of the opportunity for Him to bless and excel our lives to new heights. 

Many times we prolong transitory relationships or situations out of fear of the unknown or losing control. 

But isn’t that the point- to give God complete control of our lives?

He may call you to leave a secure job to do His will elsewhere. Maybe he’ll ask you to minister to someone who wronged you or volunteer when you don’t have the time. Who knows what God may call us to next? What matters is that we go. We can’t allow fear to keep us complacent. 

The funny thing about my brief olive obsession, is that, I hate olives. A few years ago, I consciously stuck a fork into a jar to see if I liked them. They were gross; I decided then that I could live out the rest of my existence without ever having another one. Yet, for that period in my life, I loved olives. 

God allows people and conditions into our lives to complement whatever stage of our journey we may be in. It doesn’t always feel like it’s for the best, but sometimes it is the storm that makes way for the rainbow. We learn and grow through that which is most uncomfortable.

My prayer to God is that He would conform my desires according to His will for my life- not the other way around. I don’t want to place God within the limits of my mind; His plans far exceed my own. 

Of course, I have aspirations and  goals I want to achieve, but they are not deadbolted behind an impenetrable door. I’m flexible…I try to be flexible. And yes, it is scary. But I can honestly say that the times in my life where I’ve had the least control, have ended up being the most rewarding. 

Give God full control over your life. No matter what season you’re in, if God has put you there, he will bring you through. Do not grow weary, for Winter is not everlasting. It is only a stepping stone that leads to the bounty of the summer.

Everything from God produces goodness, so we need not fear the mystery of our seasons. For in life, He is good. In death, He is good. In both sickness and health,  He is good. In times of hardship, He is good. In our prosperity, He is good. Never has there ever existed a day, where God has not been good. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

8 thoughts on “Olives 

  1. Wonderful post full of hope and one that I completely resonated with as I battle through a major obsession in my own life. Often wondering why and whether I’m simply meant to be going through this so I can learn, though what I’m still to work out.

    • Thank you Miriam! We all question why we’re in the battles that we are in. I think the key is continuing to trust God through that which we don’t understand. I know it’s hard and can feel hopeless at times, but now that you’re not alone and that God has an amazing plan for your life:)

  2. “My prayer to God is that He would conform my desires according to His will for my life- not the other way around.”

    So good. But it feels like leaping off a cliff, so comfortable am I towards my desires. It’s scary at first to ask what he wants. Yet how much of that is my own mistrust of him? Perhaps some desires will remain and be strengthened in him. Others will be replaced by better ones. What am I afraid of?

    • Thank you for your comment Brandon. I think it’s the human part of us all that longs for what’s comfortable. Our faith and trust in God strengthens as we deepen our relationship with Him, through prayer, reading His word, and giving Him access to every part of our lives. It’s not easy, but the more we see the results of giving God control of our lives, the easier it will become. We have to know that what He has planned for us are things only to prosper us. He loves us, so much. Take the leap of faith Brandon, you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

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