Ready or Not? 

Absolutely not.

My last post was on September 29th of last year. My absence was intentional. My plan was to take a few months hiatus to revamp my blog. I wanted to give it more focus, commit to one post per week, and start other interactive aspects to bond with my followers. But the months have slipped through my fingers like egg yolks in greasy hands.

I fear I’ll never be as ready as I want to be, which is why I must leap now. 


Life hardly seems interested in navigating around my plans. Every time I steal a moment to get ahead, it slams itself to the floor in a bratty tantrum, demanding my full attention. I wish I could be like the mothers in the department stores, who remain unmoved by their children’s obnoxious behavior. I totally wish I could ignore life and give sole focus to my ambitions. 


But alas, I cannot.   

Still, I want to commit to the blog in a way that I haven’t in the past. I want it to be more dependable. For a person like me, who is self diagnosed ADD, it’s going to take God almighty and some serious strategy. 

I’ve found that writing truly suits my soul. It soothes me in a way nothing else can. But as with any love, there exists an element of fear. It’s like the exhilarating anxiety you get at the top of a roller coaster; it takes flight in your stomach like a caged bird being set free.

I’m done waiting for the perfect moment that is never going to emerge from the shadows. I’m relaunching the blog now! 

A life uninterrupted is one that does not exist. Our paths are never quite clear, our roads never completely paved. We simply acquire our tools along the way.  




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