When We Had Nothing

We all remember where we were and what we were doing on this day, fifteen years ago. Like any other morning, the sunrise peaked over a sleepless New York, breathing life into the fast paced city. But before noon, the beloved city would become the victim of an attack on America unlike any other in recent history. 

That day, a grave reality was branded onto the heart of America: we could bleed. And bled we did, as the number of lives lost climbed following the weeks after September 11th. 

America was one blood type that day, and in an instant, strangers became brothers; the ash that rained from the Twin Towers painted the city one race. The end it must’ve seemed, as soot and dust from the attack blotted out the sun.

Pain and loss lingered in the aftermath of that day as people searched for hope in the rouble of a fallen city. Some never found their loved ones, others were robbed of the chance to say goodbye, and so many gave the ultimate sacrifice. Much was taken from us that day, but one thing was gained. 

On September 11th, 2001, America discovered the strength in solidarity. 

Fifteen years later and our memories are as clear as they were on that day, but have we forgotten the power of our solidarity? 

America has experienced many more injustices since 9/11, often at the hands of its own people.

The Presidential race, Gun Laws, LGBTQ, Religion, black lives matter, and an endless list of controversies have divided the American people. These debates, along with others have once again separated our country. We have allowed our differences to make us intolerant and judgemental toward one another. 

On this 15th commemoration of 9/11, let us remember what we had when we had nothing:

Compassion, humility, bravery, strength, understanding, peace in the face of adversity, and above all, love.

The best way to honor the brave individuals who sacrificed their lives, is to exhibit the same composure of love they displayed 15 years ago today. When they had nothing, they gave the most. So today, as we remember them, let us be reminded of the power of love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7


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