A Minds Escape 

What thoughts entertain your mind when you’re not consciously thinking? 

Don’t judge me, but I constantly daydream about being on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. It makes me question whether or not I’m a little self absorbed. In my defense though, when I imagine myself on the show, it’s never about me. Well, sometimes we’re discussing a book I’ve written, but usually, I’m giving the audience a hope speech.  I’m seeing those “Aha,” moments on the faces of the women in the crowd. People are being released from all types of emotional bondage and we’re all laughing, crying, and being set free together. 

That was an embarrassing disclosure, but welcome to the interiors of my mind. 

Your turn. 

 Kidding. But seriously, take an internal survey of the thoughts and emotions that occupy your mind. Are they healthy, positive, or destructive?

Our thoughts are a vital counterpart to our actions. Both are crucial components of our character DNA and to influence one is to affect the other. When we ponder our thoughts, we breathe life into them. The more we entertain negative thoughts, the easier it becomes to make excuses and justify their presence.

I’m reading a book with some girlfriends called, “Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free.” The book is centered around discrediting popular beliefs among women using text from The Bible. Most of the attitudes addressed are ideas that exist subconsciously;they lie dormant, but have a tremendous impact on how we live our lives.

The main theme of the book can be found in Proverbs 23:7,

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”

You don’t have to be a Christian or religious by any standard to know that this verse holds true. Our hearts and thoughts fuel our actions. Simple to understand, difficult in execution. 

Lately, I’ve been extremely selective about what I allow to influence me: the music I listen to, television shows, reading material, even people. In just a short period of time, I’ve recognized a change in my thoughts and perceptions. 

I encourage you to become more mindful of what influences your thoughts and subsequently, your reaction to those persuasions. The seed of an act is created in the mind. While influences beyond our control are everywhere, being aware of them may make it easier to control their power over us. 

Even if we never utter a word- through our actions- our thoughts are heard.



2 thoughts on “A Minds Escape 

  1. So true! I was saying something similar the other day to a friend about how we can’t let everything around us control us and that we are responsible for ourselves. The more we focus on the negative the more that will rule our lives and we as people can’t be like that

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