Third Party Love

It is impossible to form a relationship with someone through a third party.

For instance, it would be illogical for me to assume that Oprah Winfrey and I were close pals just because I knew her best friend Gayle. In fact, it would be an insult to Oprah’s character to think that the depth of who she is could be attained through a relationship with anyone other than Oprah, herself.

Yet, isn’t that exactly what we do to God?
We try to understand Him through other people, religion, and our own ideas of who he should be.

Think about your view of God. Whether you: love, hate, or are indifferent toward Him, consider how you came to that belief.

 All of the various reasons for our false views of God have at least one commonality: the source. 

We entrust the perfect spirit of God to be relayed to us solely through the middle man of human fallacy. No matter how deep my personal relationship is with God, you cannot gaze into His eyes by looking into mine. 

He wants to reveal himself to us directly, but we have to invite Him in.
In human relationships, we put in effort and time to show someone that we care. We learn about them and come to understand them on deeper levels in order to love them at our fullest capacity. 

God wants the same thing. He wants us to seek him fully, so that he can reveal himself to us in ways we never knew possible. But he doesn’t want to be treated like an obligation.

Obligatory love is conditional. Those types of relationships don’t last long because people are simply going through the motions. God doesn’t want us to go to church because we should. He doesn’t want us to read our Bible because we’re suppose to. He doesn’t want our time so he can waste it. He wants us to engage in these these activities so that we can come to know him personally.

Trying to understand God through the rationale of this physical world, leaves us stumped, upset, frustrated, and sometimes resentful. His ways are unlike our own and far wiser. If we try to reach God through other avenues, we will  eventually be disappointed and fall short of seeing his goodnes. Through building a direct relationship with God, we learn to trust in him through our own experiences.

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.”
Imagine if an entire book was on the cover page- what would be the point of opening it? 

God isn’t a fable on a shelf; He wants us to know more than just the summary of who He is. He longs for us to read every page in the book of His heart. All of the rules that we feel are restrictions to our freedom and independence, God wants us to understand, are His protection. 

If someone started a bad rumor about us, wouldn’t we want people to give us the benefit of the doubt and come to us directly regarding the accusations? 
Many people claiming to know God have started rumors about who he is and what he stands for. We have believed them for so long without giving God the opportunity to speak for himself. 

At the very least, let’s pay Him the same respect we’d want for ourselves. Let’s set aside our beliefs of who we think He is, who we’ve been told He is, and who we have created Him to be. Let us have the courage to knock on the front door of God’s heart and find out who He is for ourselves.


5 thoughts on “Third Party Love

  1. Hey Celestial,

    I hope all is well for you and yours!
    Thank you for your gift of getting to the heart of things. I wonder if a big challenge for a lot of people, and for me for sure, in seeking a deeper relationship with God, has been the feeling that God, rather than the Ultimate Father of mercy and love or the gentle Father of the parable of the prodigal son, is more like the Old Testament God who may grow terribly angry when hurt or even destroy His creation out of that anger or hurt.

    Neat that just last night I wrote an email to a priest of the Legionaries Of Christ who has the personal relationship with God of which you write. Ive been searching…and I asked him last night how he has such a personal relationship with and puts such utter trust in God as his true Father, given the Old Testament versions of God

    Today my priest friend shared with me that he understands the OT as the revelation of God to humans who interpreted God as angry and/or weren’t ready to understand God as fully revealed…in the same way that the humanity of the time could barely live up to the level of ‘an eye for an eye’…or they could only handle a moral life where divorce was easily justified by a spousal infidelity.

    And then Jesus enters the scene…both of the human scene and the heart of my priest friend.. so my friend will now say “Who knows the Father better than The Son?”,
    . Noone, of course, and my priest friend today…of all days,..encouraged me to “Go to The Source” if I want to know Our Father as He really is.

    So you can imagine how I smiled to myself tonight as I read your words, thinking how cool it is that God of the universe would reach out to me again, like a Daddy…in all my flaws and humanity…to remind me of His invitation to trust in His love… through my priest friend, and you and other faithful people…and Writing In The Sky.

    Meanwhile I will remember your words of wisdom…and try not to confuse the created with the Creator. Funny how difficult that can be.


    • Brian, I’m so glad that this past was complementary to something God was already working on you about. It can be really difficult to understand that God is merciful and full of grace when reading the Old Testament. That’s why it’s so important to seek him for ourselves, so we can come to realize that we truly are everything to him.

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