BRB- Month 3

Okay, I suck. I completely forgot to update you all on my final month of BRB. The party is over, but I’m showing up anyway. Here goes:

I feel cured!

Don’t worry, I can feel the collective eye roll transmitting through my screen. But it’s true; I can’t think of a more accurate way to describe my freedom. I see now how influential Facebook was in almost every part of my life. It seemed innocuous enough: a joke here, a laugh there, a little scrolling, and a lot of pictures. But living isolated from it has made me realize that I like not having its input.

My brain was at full capacity trying to process my junk, plus everyone else’s. I didn’t realize how badly I needed to declutter. Now, I have space for more important stuff- like self improvement and being social in real life. I’m in the right head space to grow, be enlightened, receive information and opinions in a healthy environment. My quality of life has made a leap that can’t be upheld by an obsession with social media.

So, I’m saying hello to say goodbye. Facebook was fun- it was sad, infuriating, distracting, hilarious, it made me question, it kept me up all night, and it was a great ride!


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