Time Spent

​Spending time with my best friends doing ab-so-lut-ely nothing is my favorite! Watching our favorite movies, while inhaling tubs of ice cream and endless boxes of pizza is the foundation of our friendship. Plus, nothing beats the nights that bring in mornings filled with, giggles and talks of the future, secrets and self discovery- honesty and trust.

Isn’t it the same way with God?

The big things like going to church and reading the Bible are great and should be encouraged, but sometimes it’s those quiet moments in the middle of the night that God really gets real with us. Some people have been led to believe that God is confined to the church. Totally not true, he is omnipresent: wherever we are and wherever we need him to be. 

There’s no set list of things we have to do to hang out with God. If we Invite him into every part of our lives, we’ll find that he communicates with us all the time. The best part is, the more time we spend just enjoying his company, the more drawn to him we’ll become. God will open up to us and open us up to ourselves. 

So don’t be discouraged from spending time with God just because you’re not in a church or studying the Bible. Just talk to him. Be honest and vulnerable. Despite what you’ve heard about Him, you may be surprised when you find out who he really is.


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