Out of Love

Out of love, we hate.
Opposites attract, yet they take.

Or did we give our heart away?

Did it slip out the door, crying love don’t live here anymore? Did we even try to stop it or did we just empty our pockets?

Like a thief in the night, love ran off with our light.

Out of love, we ache. Barren of hope, we stray. Things too incomprensible, we mistake. Out of love, we stay.

If we were captured in a frame, would they believe us to be sane? Killing each other for personal gain. Out of love, animosity  reigns.

Screaming hope at the top of our lungs, voices louder than everyone. Baritones, deeper than broken souls. Sopranos screeching high above the woes. Whispers stretching far and long. Beneath their hush, broken hearts drum.

Out of love, we’ve purchased graves. Shame is the price we continue to pay. Hiding our eyes from one another, out of love, we’ve blown our cover.

If love is patient and also kind, why does judgement run rampant and keep compassion confined.
We blame it on religion, casting down our worldly visions. But if I were to be the judge, I’d say this whole world is out of love.

Remember when it happened, that night it walked out the door? And on that very eve, love became a chore.

The biggest actors, telling lies that we care. But every time we need us, out of love, we’re never there.

Our stomachs empty, craving love for lunch. Famished, we munch. But it’s ourselves we hunt.

Let’s recreate love. Sketch hearts without condition. Repair broken souls. Assign love to God’s vision.

6 thoughts on “Out of Love

  1. Thank you, Celestial.
    You are our African Sunrise… Holy. Powerful.. Invigorating. Provocative and mysterious, at times grabbing me by the shoulders to shout: “Wake up to this life of yours! The sleepwalk is over, my brother. It is time! Wake up to the gift of Today.”
    Your poetry, dear Celestial, your words which are the fruit of your walk…no, your slowdance… with God, are awakening in me a heart and hunger for expression of my own love for the warming Light of Truth and Love.. while helping me feel the life draining chill of the shadows that must exist for me to freely choose the Light…as difficult as that will be for my fragile human mind to recall not 24 days, but just 24 hrs, from right now.
    I pray I’ll at least feel your poetry, your African Sunrise, that it stays with me for much longer when the words are carried away by a gust of worry or whatever may come.
    Thank you, Celextial, for “Out Of Love*, which obviously comes from a person so full of love, and for me, is also a bridge to another beautiful soul filled with love, the gentle soul of John Denver.
    I’ll try to paste below the Youtube link your wordr took me to today, and God willing I’ll remember a long time… In the recording, Denver shares the love and hope that went into his creation of his song, “African Sunrise”, then offers his solo acoustic rendition, and his humility when making a mistake in the performance of it.
    May God continue to shine his Light upon you, Celestial, in your slow dance with Him.

    • I always find it so interesting how people in the poorest of conditions and health can be the most hopeful. “African Sunrise” is a beautiful song that serves as a reminder that hope is all around us. If this poem is that to you, I hope that you soon find the will to go after what God has for your life. For all the sadness going on in our world, each one of us has to be the hope, by creating hope. And I think that hour can come from purpose filled lives led by God. Thank you always Brian for your thoughtful responses to my work. Even it’s just one person affected by what you love to do, it’s completely worth it!

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