BRB Month 2

Two months absent from social media and it still feels great! I anticipated a mental time drag with this challenge, but surprisingly, I haven’t been counting the days. I don’t miss it, and I don’t feel like I’m lacking some major part of life without it. Sure, I miss keeping in touch with distant family and friends, but overall, I’m fine. Actually, I’m better.

I’ve gained clarity, perspective, and focus. Facebook in particular was baggage for me- the place where everyone’s mental dump ended up. Social media has provided us with several platforms of expression, but in doing so it has inadvertently given us a pass on action. We post monologues on Facebook about our beliefs, political views, and outrage, then never think of it again.

My hiatus has made me want to do more and say a little less. So much so, that my Facebook will remain deactivated indefinitely. I’m enjoying having the mental capacity to improve myself in various aspects.

I do stalk Lana Parrilla on twitter and YouTube because I have an annoying habit of obsessing over people. So, in all fairness, I am cheating. My consolation lies in knowing that Facebook was my biggest nemesis and I have remained committed to my abstinence from it.

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