The Blessing in a Storm

Patterns of light vividly cracked the sky as I drove beneath an angry storm. Marvelous is the art of an enragaed firmament. Humbled by the Tempest, I slowed my speed considerably and turned my wipers to the highest setting. My fear grew with each splendid flash of light and I was momentarily blinded by its illumination. I had no recourse but to continue forward through the elements. I said a prayer for my safety and continued my drive with confidence.

Listening to my music and enjoying the ride, I began to overlook the circumstances in which this drive was taking place. That was, until I emerged. It’s amazing how suddenly chaos can turn into peace. Upon escape, my first observation was the clarity of my windshield. I was inclined to reach out and touch it to ensure it was truly there. All the things I thought I was seeing perfectly prior to the storm had become more apparent.

Maybe I wasn’t seeing at all before. I think it possible that an unrelenting storm was what it took to clear my vision from any distortions.

Trials and hardships are difficult to appreciate when we’re in the thick of them.   Our natural instinct is to be combative toward our adversity, but what if it simply wanted to be understood. 2nd Chronicles chapter 20, verse15 tells us that the battle is not ours, but God’s. We become angry by exhausting ourselves, fighting battles that don’t belong to us. Allow God to instruct you on what position to take during your trials.

When I drove through that storm last night, my confidence was not in myself, but in the prayer I sent to the Lord asking him to protect me. If we try by our own efforts to overcome, we may miss the blessing in the storm. Give your battles  to God, so that you can stand in position to receive the gift from the storm.

I feel led to close this post with a prayer for anyone who may be in the midst of a trial-

Father God, I come to you today on behalf of those of us who are struggling in a battle. I pray that you would send comfort and peace even amidst our violent storms. Lord, give us the strength and courage to hand over our battles to you, for you said that the battle is not ours, but yours. Help us to trust you with every part of us- physically and mentally.  Let us lock no door from you out of shame or guilt, for your grace is sufficient for our struggle. Right now, in your powerful and precious name Jesus, I bind sickness, pain, betrayl, unforgiveness, resentment, self destruction, poor relationships, school, work, and anything else that may be hindering us from you. Lord, show yourself to those of us who struggle to believe in you and your power. 

In Jesus’ name I pray,


9 thoughts on “The Blessing in a Storm

    • Is this link your page or something you happened upon? Either way, I enjoyed the read and I thought Samantha’s perspective of the word bitter was interesting. I’ve never solely associated that word as a fall back for religious people when others don’t agree with them, but it’s interesting that she does. I think being bitter is lacking resolution, and it’s displayed differently from person to person. While I agree that is not for anyone to dictate when someone else should get over something, I do think it’s important for us to understand that being bitter eats away at us and it doesn’t bring resolution. To overcome a deep hurt, takes God. Takes, giving out hurry to God. And of course it’s okay to be angry or passionate, and that certainly is not synonymous with being bitter. At least not to me. Someone else being bitter is my concern though, because that means they’re hurting. It should bother us to see other human beings in any kind of pain. We should do our best to promote the healthiest version of one another. We’re all in this together. Be passionate, get angry, but give anything that breaks your heart to God,don’t let it disease the rest of your body.
      Thanks for the link!

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