Para Ti

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I adore Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, “Eat. Pray. Love.” I first read it during my early years of college, amidst a melodramatic identity crisis. It was a period where I felt painfully estranged from life and unsure of how to initiate a reconciliation. Despite not having  lifestyle similarities to ‘Liz’, there was something strikingly human about her story that, I felt, made her relatable to anyone.

One of my favorite parts in the book takes place in the city of Naples, in a small boutique, where Liz spots a beautiful negligee. Her friend encourages her to purchase it, but Liz sees no need, as she has no partner. Discouraged, she looks away as she whispers, “for who?”

“Para ti, Liz. Para ti,” her friend responds with compassion.

For you.

We get so preoccupied ensuring that everyone else is comfortable with who we are that we forget to enjoy ourselves. When we take care of, love and admire ourselves, it becomes easier to do so for others. And it is done more joyfully.

Buy the dress if it makes you feel good. Read that book thats been stowed away on the shelf for years. Take that vacation you’ve dreamed of your whole life. Wear sexy lingerie if it makes you feel confident- whether there’s someone at home or not.

Find something you love and do it para ti.


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