Connect the Pain

Trace your pain and I’ll color it with mine
Reacquaint with your scars on my heart’s outline.

Lay the foundation, I’ll stack the bricks.
Your soul bleeds slowly,
my throat was cut quick.

Forever restless, haunted by my pain.
The light in your eyes fills my world with shame.

A soul this dark, you will never understand.
Do I live and breathe the spirit of a man?

No, not here.
Man, I never was.
My mother birthed a demon,
and men labeled it love.

Love between my legs.
Love amidst my sheets.
Love is the stone wall
that separates you from me.

Give me your pain.
I’ll destroy it with my own.
I’ll inhale it wholly and give life to these ragged bones.

Hurt can’t elude me, for it’s cut from my very cloth.
Its foul stench carries me on the wings of a frail heart

Reveal to me your pain,
it’s the only way we’ll ever see.
Your goodness is useless,
when you’re hurting underneath.

Let me play in your anguish,
watch it ooze from your eyes.
I long to fill the black hole that grows like a thorn in your side.

There! Did you feel it?
You’ve touched me at last.
A broken heart redeemed from a pain love outlasted.

Not through your love,
but through the path of our pain,
will our hearts join together
and forever beat the same


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