“The Shack” Review

My emotions have never been more indescribable. Simply put, I’ve been drenched with the freshest of Heaven’s holy water. I finished the book last night on a late flight from Newark to San Diego. The final words blurred, as tears swelled in the canvas of my soul. I prayed that as they fell to the ground, the salt of all I had experienced through reading this remarkable book, would sting our world back to life. I slumped into my jump seat dumbfounded and in awe of how truly  wonderful God is.

An Innocence absent before, swept over the entire plane and in the eyes of every individual on board, I saw a child of God.  Whether they knew or walked oblivious in his grace, they were all beautiful.

In reading this treasure, I’ve discovered the key to unlock yet another door in an ever growing relationship with my father. One sentence, I was at the peak of a mountain and the next I was tumbling full speed down to its valley. Everything the protagonist felt, so my heart did. The descriptive powers were smooth like butter and painted each scene effortlessly. Triumphs and short comings alike played  deep songs on the strings of my heart.

I recommend this book because it offers a  unique perspective of God, religion, and relationship. Often times, it’s difficult to understand our role and importance in the grand scheme of this world and I think,  The Shack, is a calming wind amidst a Tempest.

The human race is the apple of God’s eye, and this book helped me realize that nothing can change that.


2 thoughts on ““The Shack” Review

  1. I had forgotten the beauty beyond words of this book. I most cherish the image of God as mother cooking up a feast in the kitchen, and the swoosh of the Holy Spirit in the garden, and the gentle love of Christ at the dock…and the amazing moment of his reunion with his daughter at the waterfall. Thank you for bringing it all back to my soul. to

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