L is for Life

L is for life.

Forever trying to decide how to spend this worthless time.
To be it, to know it, learning to love and grow it. Life is too big, like an elephant balancing a twig.

Do your eyes sparkle alive or are they the caves that house your pride?
This big empty space, God fill it with your grace.

Let life come alive through the touch of your eyes. Your delicate hands sing hell’s most beautiful dance. I find life in your embrace, the warmth of a stranger’s place.

A horrible sight, is a world void of life.  We’ve snuffed out the light, filled it with our strife.  We crawl the concrete blind, searching for a word too lost to find.

Can we capture it again?
Can life forgive our sin?
Perhaps one day, it’ll teach us to love again….

Can it relocate our hope, or is this world doomed to choke?
We must cough up the disease, and all the stagnant beliefs. Understand that we are more, then finally life will sail back to our shore.


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