Off Balance

That moment when we’re finally forced to face that our journey to the pinnacle of life is an impossible feat. It’s like trying to negotiate the terms of your reality after watching a Disney movie. As Arial runs off into her happily ever after, the credits begin to roll and we’re left to deal with the consequences.

As the pages of our story begin to unfold, we come to understand life’s most indubitable truth-

Perfection is fiction.

Along with this life comes the ceaseless task of trying to balance our entire character makeup. We have been taught that happiness has one uniform appearance, and any deviation from that standard is condemned. In turn, we try to create harmony in our lives based on a falsified staple. By impersonating this belief, we wash away all the qualities that make us each so wonderfully unique.

Balance does not equate to perfection and self denial won’t make the scale any more even. In fact, rejection is exactly what causes the scale to tip. Parity is a result of self acceptance, yet we judge ourselves so harshly, that even down to our evanescent physical features, we are painfully critical.

Furthermore, what we find unattractive about ourselves is likely what makes us attractive to someone else.  Learn to embrace every part of you. We are each burdened with pesky insecurities that often impede our ability to be self appreciative. The irony is that our charm usually lies in what we deem as flaws.

Have you ever wondered why each of us attracts specific types of people?

It’s because they are a reflection of what we see in ourselves. Before anyone owes us anything, we owe it to ourselves. It’s a selfish request to ask someone to sacrifice for us what we won’t grant ourselves.

Don’t mistake my disposition. We all have minor things we don’t like about ourselves that can be changed. But we’re trashing the good stuff; the parts of us that just need fine tuning. For example, I am a horrid procrastinator, but often times, I get my best ideas at the last minute. Conversely, it sometimes puts me in sticky situations. It’s about balancing the characteristics we have, not throwing them away to pick up traits that don’t belong to us. As we grow, we change and develop different qualities to accommodate that growth. We must be sure to pick up habits that further us, not those that detain us.

The key to achieving balance in our lives is to learn to love what we have on the scale. We need to make sure that we are trying to balance our most authentic selves, not who someone told us we had to be. It’s about learning to appreciate those little idiosyncrasies about ourselves. After all, it’s the tiniest details that make the biggest impact. So, let’s stop beating ourselves up about the things that make us beautiful. The scale can never be perfectly balanced because perfection doesn’t exist, but there is a sweet spot- find it.




18 thoughts on “Off Balance

  1. I don’t know whether to cringe or clap-my self-image has taken some serious battery, I’m afraid-but I DO know that I met you at a great time, and every day I see encouragement I find the strength to add a little to what I believe is there, even if I can’t see it reflected in my current circumstances. Thank you, Celestial

    • I am so blessed by this encounter. I admire your will and strength to push through what may seem Le impossible circumstances. That tenacity is exactly what will get you to the next level of yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you it’ll be easy- it won’t. But you’ll look back on this period of your life one day….. you’ll look back.

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