How Old Are You?

From the moment of conception, we take on a life of transformation. Our ability to adapt, so intricately woven into our nature that we hardly notice the complexities required to power a human vessel. Though our bodies are resilient, we must nurture them to maintain their longevity. Continuous neglect and disregard heightens the potential for deterioration. When we are young, our bodies will carry out their duties despite limited attention from us. However, as we age, we begin to see the effects our decisions ultimately have on our bodies.

Just as we must care for ourselves physically to yield favorable results, we must also tend to our spiritual growth, for we are binary beings, made up of both body and spirit. It is easy for us to disregard our spiritual nature because we have been taught only to address matters of the physical realm. But the two are inescapably linked and one can have a direct effect on the other.

Although, both components share a dwelling, their developmental processes are quite different. Each part of our anatomy has a clear function and the ability to perform without our guidance. So long as we nourish our bodies, they will naturally fulfill their duties. Our spiritual growth, however, requires manual labor. Our spirits are easily influenced by outside factors, so it is imperative that we control what we allow in. Many of us hold the simultaneous title of adult and child. The world considers us adults simply because of our age, but spiritually many of us are still awkward babies, fumbling about the edge of the road, looking for direction.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

This quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, simplifies our existence. Our spirits are eternal, but the life granted to us on this Earth is fleeting. A natural part of this physical life is death. Some will argue that there is no life after death, but I am unable to substantiate that logic through my own reason. When we pass, our bodies’ will return to the dust of this Earth from which they were created. If we are no more than dust, then the dirt must be capable of all that we are. Can the sand love as deeply as you? Is its depth as profound as your own?

Therefore, I conclude that we are more.

Take an inventory of your life to determine what condition your spiritual health is in. There are various facets of life that influence us spiritually: the people we surround ourselves with, the words we speak, the things we watch and listen to, and the thoughts we allow to invade our minds, are just a few.

We must intentionally play the primary role in our spiritual growth, else all the aforementioned factors take our crowns. Often times we will see that if we rid ourselves of a spiritual deformity, some part of our physical health will also be healed. I know for some, this post is a reach, but if you take the time and analyze your life, you may be surprised.

If you are an individual stuck in the adolescent years of your spirituality, I pray that from here forth, you will be mindful of what you feed your spirit and who you allow to impress it. I have attached a link to this post with some fundamental steps to spiritual growth. I hope that this post has raised your awareness on the importance of spiritual health.



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