Unauthorized Identity

A few weeks ago, in a frenzied profession of love, I vowed to fully devote myself to my writing. Creating this blog has already made an enormous affect on how I perceive that commitment. I believe every act and emotion stemming from human behavior is a living piece of work and through it I have learned a vital lesson on the endurance of art.

By publicizing my writing, I inadvertently opened the door to public opinion (which can be compared to swinging wide, the gates of hell). It’s a difficult truth to accept, but not everyone is going to think your work is gold. The problem is that our society has promoted the idea that all must think you are great before you can actually be great. It has been one of the biggest disservices to the creative industry. It’s a self destructive system that teaches us that it is more important for our work to be trendy rather than honest and evoking. The most unfortunate part though, is that we have bought into this system. Thus, we are constantly seeking approval and when denied, we cast ourselves to the drains, rendering our lives worthless.

One of my best friends quotes movies for a living and makes a lot of money doing so. I’m kidding- well, in regards to the living and money part. Though, someone should pay her. Anyway, there’s one quote that she says to me each time I tell her how much I love to write.

“If you wake up every day thinking about writing- you a writer girl!”

It’s a line from, “Sister Act,” and you would replace the word writer with singer. So, I don’t know if it’s actually a quote, but you get where I’m going.

If you wake up each day and the thought of doing a certain thing awakens your soul to the point that you have no option, other than to pursue it- you are that thing. Something capable of tracing the inner workings of your being by a mere flicker of your soul, requires no external validation. Your existence is its justification. Yet, we desperately search the earth seeking the love we deny ourselves.

Dear friends, the best way to destroy your creativity is to madly pace outside the doors of public opinion waiting to be invited in. You must enter your own home before you go barging into a world cruel as ours. If you identify yourself solely through the validation of others, you are submitting the most intimate parts of you to the capricious hands of strangers. Today, they may say you are great; tomorrow, a fallen star.

I identify myself as a writer. Not everyone will agree but that’s okay because I have created a foundation of security in who I am that does not request reassurance. If someone tells me that I am a terrible writer, I can recover because I know that what kind of writer I am is an opinion, but that I am a writer at all, is fact. It was a one vote decision I made and am therefore the only person who can take it away.

My partnership with my writing is sacred and it is my responsibility to protect it. I encourage you to take the same care with your art:

Enjoy its company daily, remind it that it is beautiful, even in imperfect states, allow it to grow, let its growth develop you further, shield it from those who wish to destroy its natural beauty, and mostly love it unconditionally.


7 thoughts on “Unauthorized Identity

  1. I love writing and blogging, so I am enjoying your blog. Keep writing and telling your story. It’s your story, you heart you tell it how it is and that is what makes you great. When you tell it from your own eyes.

    -Beautiful Awakening

  2. Since reconnecting via social media, I have seen you share your work to Facebook. Every time I see your work linked I tell myself that I need to make time and sit with a cup of tea and read your art/material/heart cry/writing and this morning I did just that. I am on a similar journey of allowing space for myself to be. To be great. To be expressive. To be indulged. To be me. To just BE. Your work is a mirror. I love your perspective and passion. Thank you for sharing, with us, what is important to YOU.

  3. Thank you. This is true motivational and inspirational to us, to me: who is still seeking his footing in this journey of expressing myself through MY art. Again, thank you. 🙂

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