Dark as Light

Why do we shutter at the darkness of night?

Is it because we fear the light?

What does light bring that blackness does not?

True revelation and belief of pure thoughts?

Isn’t it true that diamonds shine bright?

Does not their brilliance gleam purest at night?

Why do you despise the glorious dark?

Your fears live there with their snide remarks.

What is of light that draws you in?

Its beautiful sunshine and rays of sin?

Does not it blind you and exhaust you with praise?

The shadows remind you of your wonderful grave.

Light reveals the beauty of day

Her fairness remains whether you exist or decay.

The goddess of night beckons you, come.

She must prepare you for battle to be won.

Strap on your boots and tighten your shield.

What lies in the dark is an army of steel.

Sharpen your sword and vengeance your tears.

You are storming in to slaughter your fears.

Close the door behind you, bid Hemara farewell.

For you must face a monster

Her mother’s trembling hell.

Brave your fear with warrior’s revenge

Lest the light that you bathe in be ate up by sin.

Stumble through the dark, but do not be afraid

Else fear will find you and trample your brigade

Deep within the jungle, you will find Nyx

She is the one you search for, mother of pure light

Pierce her with your valiant sword

Take back your holy life

As her blood evacuates, you regain your sight

Toxic was her blood, master of your fears

Now that she is gone, the light has reappeared.

Mother of the dark birthed the holder of your day

You must face her majesty

before you can appreciate her precious babe.


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