Show Up For the Impossible

The most difficult part of any journey is blindly trudging along that rugged path of uncertainty. It’s no wonder most people opt to take the scenic route. Though, little known to many, is the beauty born of that painfully rugged road.

I’m a hopeless romantic for stories of triumph. I love seeing people beat the odds and do the impossible. For me, those stories are a reflection of my own strength and ability. Yet for some, it is a devastating reminder of their feelings of worthlessness.

They tell themselves lies like-

“That could never be me.” 
“I could never do that.”

Or my favorite phrase to hate, “I’m not good enough.”

What these people lack is the ability to see past the circumstances that appear to be roadblocks to their paths. They’re more afraid that they can do it than they can’t. Realizing that they actually can achieve their goals means coming to grips with what road they’ll most likely be trekking along. Yes, it’s the one with gaping holes and fresh lava at every turn.

The good news for all of us is that we won’t be traveling this road alone. Truthfully, you’ve never had to, you’ve just chosen solidarity. Having this knowledge allows you to better understand why you’ve been afraid to confront your true journey. You were just scared to do it alone. 

Consider a time when you were in a situation that was sinfully unfortunate. You exhausted your resources and depleted your energy trying to come up with a resolutuon, to no avail. At the exact moment you decided to give up, everything suddenly worked out in your favor.

Some people will tell you, oh it’s just luck or the universe was looking out for you. I’m sorry, but I’ve been too unworthily fortunate to call it luck. I’m blessed. By God. We all are if we choose to surrender all our worries and walk in his blessing.

Your path is going to be hard and at times, it’ll feel imposible, but go anyway. Give it everything you’ve got and give the rest to God. Sometimes, the biggest effort is having faith and showing up to a race that is rigged against you. Truly though, it has never been about where you were going. What’s important is the means by which you arrived. That jagged road that you thought you couldn’t conquer is going to make you a brave warrior, but you have to show up.


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