A Perfect Mess

I thought it would be a novel idea to release all of the scrambled words in my head into cyberspace, so I created this blog. Welcome to my mess. If my sarcasm is as competent as I hope, you’ll know that there’s nothing new about a person creating a blog to share their thoughts. However, A quote from Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book, “Big Magic,” (which you should read) has inspired in me, a new level of creative freedom.

“It might have been done before, but it hasn’t been done by you! “

It doesn’t matter that a gazillion abandoned blogs like mine are floating around in cyberspace- none of them are mine. What is meant for me is honestly meant for me. While that may sound redundant, it’s a truth that we should remind ourselves of daily, lest we forget.

I unearthed my adoration for writing almost two years ago and I’ve been on the battlefield ever since. Even as I write this sentence, I am in a war zone, I’ve just found a clever hiding place.
Some days I fight for my writing, other times I fight against it. Blessedly, these days, I mostly fight with it- on the same team, just two separate plans.

I crave perfection in every sentence, but my writing only expects humanity in every word.  It is as alive as I am, and like me it is the perfection in an imperfect reality.

This blog is my surrender to a gift that was entrusted to me.
My condition is simple:

As long as I possess this talent, let it be of aid.

I pray that you will join me in my surrender by boldly marching onto your own battlefield. You may get your hands dirty searching for your gift and what may be of news, is that you buried it. More importantly, you’re the only one who can reclaim it.

Once discovered, never let the dust of this earth bury your gift again. The world is desperately gazing into heaven pleaing for a sign of relief. We aren’t looking for perfection, we’re simply in need of hope. So, instead of a funeral,  cast your gift into the light and write it in the sky for all the realms to see.

We need you.


3 thoughts on “A Perfect Mess

  1. Your writing is beautiful, intense and I can see pain, joy, longing and the desire to grow in it. Wow. Thanks for following me. May God bless your writing endeavors.

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